Suggested Price: $500.00

Sponsor AMNC!




BRONZE: $1 – $99

SILVER: $100 – $499

GOLD: $500 – $999

PLATINUM: $1,000 – $2,000

DIAMOND: $2,000 +


BRONZE: Sponsorship Certificate

SILVER: Sponsorship Certificate & Sponsor Pass

GOLD: Sponsorship Certificate, Sponsor Pass and Digital Marketing Promo

PLATINUM: Sponsorship Certificate, Sponsor Pass, Digital Marketing Promo and Commercial Airtime

DIAMOND: Sponsorship Certificate, Sponsor Pass, Digital Marketing Promo, Commercial Airtime and Cable Broadcasted Interview


*Commercial airing will be broadcasted on Its About Time TV1 and affiliated stations during their scheduled program.

*Digital Marketing Promo will include Social Media, Online Build-boards, Email Marketing, SEO and more!

*Sponsor Pass include free tickets to events, movie premiers, television shows and more!

* One of our representatives will be in contact to schedule your cable broadcasted interview!


20% of your sponsorship will go toward these charities:

  • Hearing The Children Foundation
  • Connecting Creativity Inc.
  • Choose Joy Foundation
  • Suksesvol Incorporated
  • The Future Footprints Foundation
  • It’s About Time Inc.

We appreciate your sponsorship!


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